Convivial Tuesday

Tuesday at the Brasería is about conviviality. The day of Mars in fact, the restaurant offers a unique opportunity: to share the same dish with other banqueters, alternating tastes, aromas and emotions.

Inspired by the Sunday lunch in the Comunidad Valenciana, when we gather around the fire, the spring - summer will be dedicated to the tasting of exotic paella, the most famous dish in Spain's rich cuisine, based on rice, saffron and meat, which can be enjoyed together by all the guests, with full respect to Valencian tradition.

In winter, the restaurant will dedicate the evening to a dish that has formed part of the history of Italian cuisine, the sublime mixed boiled meats. The dish, dear to Prince Vittorio Emanuele II, consists of flesh, garnishes, sauces, side dishes and references, will take you back in time, in an ecstasy of taste and traditional foods, to experience and share.