Today, like yesterday, the values in the Brasi kitchen remain the same , based on the research of style and quality in the choice of raw materials , attention to their elaboration , in the search for the right combinations.

The rustic chic reflects the chef's culinary qualities, able to mix simplicity skillfully with elegance. The traditional wood-beamed ceiling, and simple chairs and tables - meets with the dedicated pursuit of detail, such as the barber's chair at the entrance, silver cutlery and modern artwork to the walls. To complete the enchanting scene, there is a beautiful courtyard, which looks directly out on the houses of the village of Osio. The atmosphere is made even more unique by the "transparency" of the place: the succulent meat cuts contained in the cold store in glass are clearly visible from the main hall, as well as the largest roaster in the kitchen, a demonstration of the sincerity and naturalness of the chef.

The dishes are carefully selected, from the choice of meat (a real strong point) to fish, fresh from the sea, without forgetting pasta and desserts, all carefully crafted. The choice between the pages of the menu is still rich, from original combinations to classic revivals, without losing its Mediterranean identity.

The wine list is also interesting, it is drawn mainly from local and national wines, but with an eye also to international wines, if the dish requires it. Each label, in fact, is carefully selected, to create the perfect combination of dish and wine, so that an ecstasy of taste can be experienced. It is also the possible to choose the wine by the glass, allowing anyone to enjoy a cup of their favorite label without having to buy a whole bottle.

There are even craft beers (including orobiche), chosen carefully in order to accompany the beautifully majestic cuts of meat.