Hamburger SPECIAL + patatine + bibita o birra Baladin

+ Wagyu Hamburger

+ 9€

Modify any sandwich by adding 100% Wagyu burger.

Fried Chicken Burger

9,50 €

Crunchy organic chicken burger, Chilli Brasee sauce, organic salad, organic sweet and sour pepper, cucumber

Consiglio di abbinamento

Braseria Burger

9 €

Burger ‘Braseria Selection’, Braseria burger sauce, caramelised onion, organic salad, crispy bacon

Consiglio di abbinamento

Baladin Nazionale

Cheese Burger

7,50 €

Burger ‘Braseria Selection’, cheddar, our ‘Smocky BBQ’ sauce

Consiglio di abbinamento

Baladin Super Bitter

Chicken Burger

9 €

Organic chicken burger, chilli brasee sauce, rocket, roasted peanuts, fresh organic tomato

Vegetarian Burger Braseria

8,50 €

Vegetarian burger, organic salad, Chili Brasee sauce, dried tomato cream, crispy onion

Consiglio di abbinamento

Baladin Cola

100% Fat Beef

13 €

Fat Beef burger, our mayonnaise, organic salad, sweet and sour aubergines, pecorino cheese flakes

Pulled Beef BBQ

10 €

Fatty Ox beef (10 hours cooking time), maple mayonnaise, sundried tomato cream, roasted peanuts and organic salad

Pulled Pork BBQ

9 €

Organic Black Pork Pulled Pork (8 hours cooking time), sweet and sour marinated cabbage salad, homemade mayonnaise, our BBQ mustard and crispy onion

Consiglio di abbinamento

Baladin Sidro Spritz

Ribs Premium Burger

9 €

Pork ribs, our BBQ sauce, cucumber, fresh organic tomato, organic salad

Consiglio di abbinamento

Baladin Sud

Onion Crunch

3,50 €

Crispy Onion Rings and our ‘Smocky BBQ’ sauce

Chicken Bites

4 €

Spiced Organic Chicken Croquettes with our mayonnaise

Polenta Crock

3,50 €

Snack of roasted red corn and taleggio cheese with truffle mayonnaise

French Fries (Large)

3,50 €

French Fries (Small)

2,50 €

Hamburger Special


Hamburger 100% Bue Grasso con porcini scottati, zucca al forno e crema di monvisina

MINI Pulled Beef BBQ

4 €

MINI Pulled Pork BBQ

3,50 €

+ AGGIUNTA di carne di Bue Grasso

+ 3€

MODIFICA qualsiasi panino aggiungendo Hamburger 100% Bue Grasso

Craft Beers

4,50 €

Baladin Rock & Roll


American Pale Ale with notes of spices and cereals.

Baladin Pop


American Pale Ale with fruity notes and a bitter taste, golden yellow in colour.

Baladin Sud


Witbier created to recall southern Italy with citrus and coriander notes.

Baladin Ippa


Italian-style Ipa, bright amber colour, citrus notes of mandarin and exotic fruit.

Baladin Super Bitter


Amber beer recalling the Belgian style with warm, fruity aromas.

Baladin Nazionale


Blonde ale with notes of chamomile and citrus with a bitter aftertaste.

Special Beers

6,00 €

Gluten Free Beer

bottiglia 33cl

Cocktail Baladin

5 €

Baladin Beer Americano


King of aperitifs enriched by Baladin beer, bitter and citrus taste, the taste of hops stands out in the finish

Baladin Beermouth Tonic


Twist of the classic gin & tonic, a beer-based vermouth served with hay tonic with slightly bitter and citrus notes.

Baladin Sidro Spritz


World’s most popular Italian cocktail with the addition of 100% Italian Baladin apple cider

Baladin Soft Drinks

3,5 €

Baladin Agrumata


A drink with a mix of orange, mandarin, lemon and bergamot.

Baladin Cola


A soft drink produced using only Slow-Food Presidium cola nuts in Sierra Leone.

Lunch Offer

Choose a dish and we’ll give you a free Moretti beer or soft drink of your choice
(Saturday, Sunday and public holidays excluded)


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